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Professional Websites & Logos
and beautiful Graphics 4U.

Let your Site shine with beautiful Graphics and designed Logos. Powerfull Installation of your CMS, HTML Site or PHP powered Website. All Services comes with a fair price.


Sync up.

Stay !nspired.

This is Flex, a highly user friendly interface template.

Easily configure complex layouts with the Drag & Drop
interface for the whole site or specific pages.

Drag & Drop

Layout Builder

Unlimited positions, with drag and drop add, delete, move and resize capabilities.

Creative, adaptive
and ever-ready to serve you.

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Pursue your passion.

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Beautiful Design

Beautifully designed Logos, Graphics & Themes to give your site a stunning and unique look with incredible functionality.

Awesome Features

All Logos and Graphics created in the highest Resolution to give you the best. All Themes compatible to your CMS.

Powerful Support

We are there 4U. Powerfull Support also after the assignment. Our Support is free and without hidden Payments.

The "Color Killa" Event starts in

Frequently Asked Questions

All Plans are one time payments but not refundable. We include PayPal, PromptPay and new: Wise to our Website in January 2022, because these are Secure Payment Platforms. We dont support anymore directly Credit Card Payments. In the next parts we answer the most other frequently asked Questions.
We work for Companys and also for Privat Customers. All Logos and Graphics Creations will send to you and you can change the first logo as long it is perfect 4U - same to the Graphics - we support you in this. Feel free to change it all time until it is perfect for you. We are in Skype or AnyDesk there to help. We use PhotoImpact and Photoshop by Corel. Better to send your Plans for the Logo or Graphics to give you the best Result. Available Formats if you have already a Logo: PNG or SVG (Size must be more than 800x1200 Pixel.) Lower than this Resolution we can not accept.
We have this Prices because it is a lot of time and work to create a special Logo or Graphic. Other Agencys are more expensive then us. We are not Super Specialists and doing this in our free time next to the regular job. Please understand that we need our time to give you the best Result. We wanna see you happy with your Logo or Graphics so that you recommend us...
SPECIAL NOTICE: If you need a special Website with sexual Content let us know. If you plan a Adult Website with a lot of Videos, Pictures or adult Content we can support you with FFMEPG & both Site secured Server based Websites. We dont support Websites they showing Adult Content with actors under 18 years and we dont support any Website with animal sexual content. If you need a strong Partner in knowing every rights, contact us.

We are there for Companys, private People, Schools, Universities and all Customers they wanna build a amazing designed and supported Website for privacy or the whole world. We give you a special Support for one Payment only.

Nobody is perfect, but we do the best to keep you secure, safe and trusted into our work with amazing Design, based Modules and Plugins. Before we put online a adult Website we do all the important steps for you. We can support you in Asia, The Europe Union and in the U.S.A.
We are also there for you after the work is done. You can talk to us anytime. We spend the Money to our Website, Server and to buy Programs, Modules or PC Hardware to get better and better in our work. A little Amount we spend every Month to the poor People in different lands and support a lots of Projects.
This Section will coming soon...
New FAQ is coming in a new Site and Design soon...


Our new Service 4U:

This is our new Service for you. We create your perfect picture for your Website, Project, School or Social Media Platform. We optimize the Resolution, Color and Power of your Picture.

Some Website Picture examples:

We shoot the pictures by our self and can create your own amazing Background for a Slider or Gallery.
  • Morning Green
  • Silent Street
  • Nebula Morning
  • Wet Sunday
  • Manila Night
  • Amazing Butterfly
  • Space Walk
  • China
  • Amazing View
  • Dancing
  • Deer
  • Colorful

Some Logo Creations 4U:

  • Item1
  • Vertical Image 2
  • Item 16
  • Item 4
  • Vertical Image 1

Our Knowledge about Programming, CMS Systems, Graphic Design & Themes

Graphic Design
CMS Systeme (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress ect.)
PHP Programming, Module and Plugin Creations
Themes Installation and pass it into other CMS
Wallpaper / Background Creation and Photographie


WEBTIX is is there for you. Our Support assist you as long you need. Also after the assigment. Please understand that higher Packages have Priority in the Support. We apalogize if a longer waiting time happens, but we do our best and try to make our Support continuously better and better.

keep Calm and breath...we find the Problem...we will fix it 4U!

If your hacked please keep calm and breath. We do our best to help you. We always have a Backup of the Website. We make this Backup after the Installation of your Site. We also make a clean Backup of you Database. The Monthly Backup is a Premium Option and you can buy this in our Shop.
After the first Intallation of your Website we make a clean Backup. We backup your complete Site and also your Database. You can have this clean Backup anytime from us. We install also Akeeba Backup to your Site for free, if you choose JOOMLA as your CMS. All Premium Tools you can buy in our new Shop.




Here you find a little Overview about our work !
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Investments into Hardware and Software. Website & Server Payments.
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Donated to charities, institutions, schools and to the poor people.
Websites Installations, Logo Creations, Graphics & Wallpaper created by WebTix.
Support Tickets received and answered by our friendly Webtix Team.
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